Womb-healing massage

Womb-Healing Massage

I blend womb-healing with Swedish abdominal massage as a combined approach to healing the womb. I begin with perhaps a back massage, followed by an abdominal massage, finishing with a womb-healing. If you prefer to stay fully clothed then you could opt for just a womb-healing


Swedish massage indirectly strengthens the immune system, detox system, and the blood circulation to heal illness such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and fibroids.  The twenty percent blood and hormone flow are returned to the womb that is shut off by stress. This means the womb has her metabolic wastes taken away, receives nourishment and receives the right hormones in the right amounts at the right times for optimum function. Brain waves slow down bringing you into the here and now. This helps you to be more aware of your menstrual cycle and your needs. Especially on your period, where you need more rest so your womb can empty properly relieving heavy bleeding, cramps, and physical recovery from miscarriage. Massage directly eases womb into her natural position and breaks down scar tissue from injuries/illness to free up the fallopian tubes to help the womb to work properly.


Womb-healing is like Reiki. By laying my hands over the seven females chakra. This is the third eye, heart chakra, and the five womb chakras. This gets the life force energy moving again in the body and womb. It firstly energises (raises the natural vibration) the nervous system to indirectly trigger rest and repair mode. Rest and repair mode boosts the immune, detox and blood system to heal illness. Secondly, womb energisation helps poorly tissues to energetically heal. Also, the womb function is optimised. Plus stuck stuck energy is processed out. Energy can get stuck in the womb around physical and emotional loss in miscarriage and fear and shame in womb trauma. Womb trauma can be sexual or from surgical intervention such as C-sections, forceps delivery and womb operations. Thirdly, a womb-healing raises clients “womb awareness” to switch on the womb to further energise the womb.

Healthy womb

When the womb is healed of illness and working at her optimum, this significantly reduces premenstrual syndrome, (PMS) irregular cycles, amenorrhea,  heavy periods, cramps, and fertility issues. Compliments In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), reduces chances of miscarriage, pregnancy & postnatal problems and menopause problems. Healing adrenal fatigue (also caused by viruses) boosts libido to increase fertility. Massage indirectly slows down brainwaves helping you to align to the slow energy of the premenstrual phase relieving PMS. Finally, massage directly triggers the “pain gate” of sensory nerves to relieve any womb pain.


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