Using your menstrual cycle for personal growth

Personal growth

Old beliefs can pop up, stopping us from creating our ideas and growing into who we really are. They stunt our personal growth. This is evident when we set intentions at the beginning of our cycle.  Read more about setting intentions and creativity here. Goddess massage helps you to connect to and understand your menstrual cycle as a cycle of creation. The cycle of creation highlights these old beliefs. You can read about how Goddess massage works here.

Old beliefs

Since birth, we build our self-image upon the beliefs (thoughts) of the people around us. This is natural and needed. Because we needed to understand ourselves as a separate being in order to leave the nest. Some of these thoughts are fear based. When we leave the nest to create our lives, the fear-based thoughts can get in the way. When we set an intention for our good (love based) then the ripple effect is that an opposite (fear based) through may pop up. This is GREAT because then we can dissolve the fear-based thought. Your creative power increases with each unhelpful thought that is dissolved.

Spiral healing

Each menstrual cycle will high light new fear-based thoughts to dissolve. Also, old fear-based beliefs you thought had dissolved may pop up again to be healed. But their power over you will weaken with each cycle. You will, over time, become stronger, more of your true self, happier and living more of the life that you want.


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