The magical pressure of massage

The pressure of massage itself heals so much

Not only does massage tip the body into rest and repair mode to heal itself, but the actual pressure of massage itself brings so many healing benefits. From helping the body to fighting illness & healing injury to relaxing tight muscles to giving you glowing skin. You can read more here about massage.

Healing illness and Injury

The lymph doesn’t have a pump, like how the blood circulation has the heart. So massage actually pushes the lymph around the body as my hands glide over your skin. This boosts the detox system to help fight illness and reduces inflammation to help heal injuries.

Relaxing muscles

The pressure of massage relaxes tight muscles and relieves trapped nerve pain.  When the muscles relax, this stimulates peristalsis in the bowl to relieve stomach pain, cramps, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. The posture returns to a more natural position, opening the chest and stomach area. When This deepens breathing to relieve anxiety and asthma and relieves stomach cramps and bloating.

Relieves pain

As my hand glide over your skin, the sensory nerves are stimulated and this triggers the “pain gate”. Sensory nerve signals drown out pain signals relieving pain in the body.

Supports postpartum healing

Abdominal massage manipulates the pelvic organs and bones, re-aligning them after pregnancy and childbirth. Massage also re-aligns the abdominal organs too. This supports postnatal healing.


Deep massage movements break down scar tissue on the skin surface (such as c-sections) making them softer, smoother and freeing up trapped nerves relieving pain. Scar tissue in torn/overused/over-stretched tendons and ligaments are broken down helping to heal sprains and improving the range of movement. As well as muscle scars in strains from torn/overused/over-stretched muscle. Finally, scar tissue is can be broken down during abdominal massage in ever deeper tissues. Such as between fallopian tubes and the womb caused by endometriosis.

Wear and tear

Passive massage movements loosen stiff joints by increasing synovial fluid which lubricates joints. This reduces joint wear and tear and nerve joint pain.

Glowing skin

Massage moves the skin, improving its elasticity to reduce facial lines. As my hands glide over your skin, my hands exfoliate it, giving a healthy glow.

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