Swedish massage

How Swedish massage works to heal the body, womb, support womanhood stages of maidenhood, motherhood, and menopause.

Swedish massage is actually instinctive for example when we bang our toe, we rub it better.  Massage treatments are just an extension of this. The definition of Massage is “The manipulation of soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes” It is one of the earliest therapies discovered. I use Swedish massage movements in all my treatments listed below.

Swedish massage

Indian head massage


Womb-healing massage

Goddess massage

Pregnancy massage

Closing the bones massage

Effects of Rest and repair

Massage indirectly triggers rest and repair mode so the body can counterbalance the effects of stress. This lowers adrenaline and strengthens the immune system. The detox system and blood circulation are boosted.  Muscles are relaxed and brainwaves slow down.


The effects of rest and repair heal illness, heal injury and improve digestion. Increase energy levels, relieve muscle aches/tension/pain and improve memory/focus. Lowers blood pressure, boosts skin/hair/nails, and brings you into the hear and near, so you feel more inner peace & joy.  Heal premenstrual syndrome, regulates menstrual cycles, heals amenorrhea, reduces heavy bleeding/cramps, improve fertility. Compliments In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). Helps heal pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, pregnancy aches, pains, and fluid retention. Compliments hypnobirthing for an easier birth by relaxing the womb and the baby. Helps heal postnatal and menopause problems. Finally, helps you to drop into yourself and your womb space to connect with your menstrual cycle during maiden years, your needs as a mother and the moon cycle in menopause years.

The pressure of massage

The pressure of massage directly pumps lymph around the body, boosting the detox system to help fight illness and reduce inflammation to heal injuries. Relaxes tight muscles and relieves pain to stimulate peristalsis in the bowl to relieve stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and cramps. Relaxed muscles aid good posture to open the chest and stomach to relieve anxiety/asthma and stomach issues. Massage triggers the “pain gate” of sensory nerves to relieve pain in the body and womb. It gently eases the pelvic/ abdominal organs and pelvic bones into their natural positions for an easier birth and postnatal recovery. This helps regulate menstrual cycles for well-being, fertility, recovery from miscarriage and childbirth. Massage breaks down scar tissue in soft tissues from injuries such as strains/sprains & operations and injury & illness in deeper tissues in the body. Loosens stiff joints, slows down joint wear & tear and relieves joint pain. Improves skin elasticity and exfoliates it to reduce facial lines, stretch marks and give a healthy glow.

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