Root causes of illness

The truth behind illness

Illnesses such as weight gain, psoriasis, constipation, joint pain, depression, fibromyalgia are caused by Epstein Barr virus (EBV), heavy metals, and toxins. Massage and Reiki support the:

Immune system to fight EBV – read more here

Liver, lymph, and kidneys to expel EBV, heavy metals and toxins from the body – read more here

Blood and lymph system to heal the carnage caused by EBV and it’s cofactors -read more here.

Click on the links to read how massage and Reiki heal the body.

How EBV works – stage one

EBV has four stages. This is explained in detail in the Medical Medium, by Anthony Willam. It attacks the immune system, causes flu-like symptoms then hides in the liver to feed and get stronger.

Stage two – liver

In the liver, it feeds off it’s favourite foods which are fats, toxins (MSG, etc), heavy metals (mercury, etc) and poisons (pesticides etc). It’s sludge (excrement and toxins) float up to the dermis causing psoriasis, eczema and skin problems. Also, the sludge weakens the liver causing:

weight gain


food allergies




high cholesterol

hot flushes

gummed up heart causing high blood pressure and palpitations

 gummed up blood system causing poor circulation and Raynaud’s disease.

a weakened liver that can’t hold glucose and magnesium and contributes to diabetes, hypoglycemia and muscle cramps

underperformance, then lymph has to take over from the liver, lymph gets blocked up causing excess fluid to retain in joints and tissues shown up as weight gain and fluid retention

Stage three – thyroid

EBV then moves to the thyroid to stop the Thyroid from working causing


Graves disease


When the Thyroid stops working, it can’t produce hormones. Then the adrenals have to take over causing adrenal fatigue. This causes the adrenals to overproduce another favourite food of EBV, adrenaline. The body tries to trap EBV in the chest area to stop it from reaching the thyroid. The body produces nodules from calcium stores. These nodules are breast cancer and using up calcium stores contributes to osteoporosis. EBV fires off toxins which cause nerves to irritate, inflame, weaken and malfunction causing

nerve pain


severe fatigue

severe brain fog

heart flutters

restless leg syndrome



aches and pains

joint pain

adrenal fatigue causes hair loss and vaginal dryness

Stage three – reproductive system

In stage three, EBV can move to the reproductive system as well to feed on stored heavy metals and poisons in the womb. These are it’s favourite foods and strengthen it. Here EBV causes


heavy periods

polycystic ovarian syndrome


You can read more about how EBV affects the womb and how to heal here.

Stage four – central nervous system

EBV finally moves to the central nervous system to prevent oxygen from being taken to tissues and organs in the body. Then the body becomes EBV’s feeding ground. EBV inflames the central nervous system causing


chronic fatigue syndrome

rheumatoid arthritis


difficulty healing


cystic fibrosis

heavier memory loss

more brain fog

deeper depression

acute anxiety

severe migraine

serious nerve pain


heart palpitation

chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


Streptococcus feeds off EBV sludge. So Streptococcus proliferates when EBV is in the body causing:

urinary tract infections

sore throats

bacterial vaginosis



bladder problems

sinus problems

Heavy Metals

 Heavy metals Interfere with electrical transmissions in the brain,  nervous system and gut causing:

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

autism (severe ADHD)



lack of focus.


Chron’s disease.


Shingles are caused by the shingles virus. They can show up with or without a rash. Shingles without a rash are:

frozen shoulder

Bells Palsy

unexplained itching in the body

unexplained burning pain in the body

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