How Reiki works to heal the body and womb. 

Reiki is the natural movement of “life-force energy” Everything is made up of life-force energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies. Injury and illness disrupt the natural vibration of the body. So by laying my hands on the damaged area, I get the life force energy moving again (like how electricity flows from positive to negative in a battery and back).  When the energy is flowing again, then the damaged area’s frequency returns to its natural vibration and optimum function.


. When Reiki is flowing back through the damaged area it:

1) Indirectly triggers the body’s rest and repair mode boosting the immune, detox and blood system so the body can heal itself of illness and injury.

2) Directly raises the vibration of poorly tissues in the body, healing them energetically. This returns injured or ill parts of the body back to optimum function again.

Reiki -Massage

I combine Reiki with massage called Reiki-massage. Also, I can use it with any of the massages if needed. It is a two-pronged approach to healing. Reiki is ideal if you prefer a treatment fully clothed. I lay my hands over your body while lying on the couch or sitting in a chair. You can read more about massage and Reiki help to heal the body here.

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