Reiki and Womb healing

Aswell as massage, I offer Reiki and Womb healing along side my treatments. If you would like either of these or if I feel you would benefit from them, then they can be woven into your healing session.

Reiki relaxes to heal

This is an energy healing where I place my hand either above or on your clothes body. Rei means universal. Ki means energy. So universal energy is channeled into your body to where it is needed. Reiki clearly triggers the relaxation mode of the body so the body can heal itself of illness & injury, relax body & mind, boost digestion, relieve pain, bring menstrual cycle awareness & balance and support pregnancy,  postpartum and menopause.

Reiki energizes to heal

Universal energy is channeled into the body to where it is needed to heal. When this energy moves into the body, it energizes or recharges the organs and tissues that are damaged and depleted from injury, illness, and effects of stress. The damaged area is recharged to work at optimum again.


Womb healing

I offer Reiki for the womb, called Wombhealing. Womb healing triggers relaxation mode for the womb to heal itself of illness, injury, and the effects of stress. Also, the womb is energized to work at optimum again to balance the cycle, boost fertility, and relieve painful periods.

With love,

Zoe Woods Masseuse

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