Pregnancy massage for hypnobirthing

Pregnancy massage supports hypnobirthing

Pregnancy massage can be used to compliment hypnobirthing as it tips the body into relaxation mode which relaxes your womb and boosts blood & hormone flow to your womb for optimum function during pregnancy and birth.  Relaxation mode helps your baby to relax to get into the head down position. Finally, the pressure of massage helps to re-align your womb, pelvis, and baby into their natural positions for an easier birth.

De-stressing before your due date

Being relaxed is important as outlined above. So having regular pregnancy massages means you become aware of what it is like to be relaxed. This helps you to work on anything that is causing you stress in your life. For example, you are working too much and not getting enough rest. Your birth plan doesn’t feel right. You don’t have people around you who make you feel safe. When you de-stress, this makes sure that as your due date approaches, you are as relaxed as possible.


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