Pregnancy and postnatal problems

Pregnancy illness

Pregnancy problems such as illness are caused by viruses. During pregnancy, eighty percent of your energy goes into protecting and growing your baby. This leaves you vulnerable to illness because underlying health problems can no longer be managed. This is why pre-eclampsia, fluid retention, muscle aches, pains, and gestational diabetes show up. Stress hormones and pregnancy hormones feed viruses making the illness worse.

Postnatal illness

 If you didn’t have any health problems show up in pregnancy, then you may have some show up postnatally. Because viruses feed off adrenaline, so the adrenaline used for birth maybe what triggers your illness. Or if you had an illness, then maybe it will go into full force at the current stage. Or step up to the next stage. Common postnatal illness is a bladder infection, constipation, depression, and hair loss.

Womb-healing massage

A womb-healing massage helps heal the body of illness by flushing out viruses. So when you get pregnant, there will hopefully be less chance of getting pre-eclampsia, fluid retention, muscle aches, pains and gestational diabetes that can flare up during pregnancy. Or bladder infection, constipation, depression, and hair loss postnatally. If you are already pregnant or given birth and suffering an illness, then a pregnancy massage and closing the bones massage will also help relieve some of the symptoms of illness.


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  1. Thanks for the thoughts you share through this site. In addition, a lot of young women who seem to become pregnant tend not to even seek to get medical health insurance because they are full of fearfulness they probably would not qualify. Although a lot of states currently require that insurers supply coverage no matter the pre-existing conditions. Premiums on all these guaranteed plans are usually bigger, but when taking into consideration the high cost of medical care bills it may be a safer route to take to protect your current financial potential.

    1. I feel so sad that women don’t choose insurance in the states out for fear. We are lucky in the U.K that we have the NHS.

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