Postnatal recovery

Postnatal Recovery

Postnatal recovery is supported by having a closing the bones massage. During pregnancy and birth, great pressure is put upon the abdominal and pelvic organs to make room for the baby to grow and be birthed. The adrenals are maxed out to pump adrenaline for the strength to give birth giving rise to mild fatigue postnatally. Closing the bones massage gently re-aligns the pelvic and abdominal organs and the pelvic bones to support postnatal recovery. It also tips the body into relaxation mode, to support adrenal recovery.

Postnatal healing

When the abdominal organs are re-aligned this helps improve digestion and elimination. Re-aligned pelvic organs, boosted blood & hormone flow help the womb recover.  Hips and lower back problems are prevented in the future by the pelvic bones being gently re-aligned.

Postnatal depression

Traditionally, the new mother rests for forty days and forty nights after giving birth to allow the adrenals to recover.  If the mother doesn’t rest enough then the adrenals can take longer to recover. This means for a longer period of time, the adrenals don’t make the right hormones, in the right amounts at the right times causing postnatal exhaustion which can be misdiagnosed as depression. The sooner the adrenals recover, the sooner vibrancy, vitality, and joy that the new mother needs for motherhood.


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