Natures cycles support creativity and personal growth

Natures cycles

The cycle of creation is birth, death, and rebirth. It is reflected in natures cycles of:

solar cycle (seasons)

lunar cycle

menstrual cycle

life cycle

ocean wave cycles

This cycle of creation supports your creativity and your personal growth. Women embody this cycle of creation as the menstrual cycle. All women with or without a womb or cycle have an energetic cycle. Read how the menstrual cycle supports creativity here and personal growth here. In this post, we are going to focus on the lunar and solar cycle.

The solar and lunar cycle

Society knows how to use the seasons to support creativity. We set a resolution (intention) at New Years. Then we set about creating our intention throughout the year. In the hopes of creating the life we want.  We can also set an intention on a new moon, in the same way, manifesting our desires throughout the month. However, we can also use the seasons and the moon cycle for personal growth. When we have fear-based thoughts pop up to prevent us from making our intention come true, then we can set about healing those unhelpful thought patterns. When we do this, our creativity is set free to create our lives as we wish.

The eclipses

The eclipses really support personal growth. By:

Sun = Spirit

Moon = Soul

Earth = Body

At eclipses, the earth, sun, and moon come into alignment. So does our spirit (our presence), soul (our mind) and body. So anything in our soul and body that is not in alignment with our spirit will be shown to us (as thoughts, memories, or feelings) for healing. Then we can become more of our true selves and live our fullest potential on this earth.

Solar eclipse

When we, on earth, look at the sun at a (dark moon) solar eclipse, the moon is in front of the sun. So it looks like the moon has swallowed the sun. Therefore there is no presence and just the soul. So the monkey mind can take over making us emotional and crazy. But these are just thoughts coming to the surface to be healed. With every thought that is healed and dissolved, there is more presence (peace).

Lunar eclipse

When we, on the earth, look at the moon (in front of the earth), we see a shadow on the full moon. The sun (behind the earth) casts a shadow of the earth on to the moon. This means that something in our souls is not being illuminated to us. This something is in shadow. So just sit and wait for the fog to clear (the moon to wane again) before acting on any decisions made around the lunar eclipse. Also, the shadow on the moon means to notice your body (earth) more. There is an old saying that goes “clean house and chop wood”. This means to have a clean house and firewood. So look after your basic needs of food on the table, a roof over your head, clothing, warmth, and money coming into the home etc.


 The solar, lunar cycle and eclipses can be used alongside your menstrual cycle to enhance your creativity and personal growth. If you would like to book a Goddess massage to help you with this then click the button below. To read each about the massage in more detail before booking, then click here.

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