Mother blessing and pregnancy self-care

Pregnancy massage is a mother blessing and self-care

A mother blessing is a space created to help you to feel seen, heard and held to prepare you emotionally for birth. Pregnancy massage does just this. Also, it is fantastic for boosting your health. It helps to heal pre-eclampsia, fluid retention, muscle aches, pains and gestational diabetes that can flare up during pregnancy.

Mother Blessing

 Traditionally women sit in circle and celebrate pregnant women. This is called a mother blessing. Women bestow birth stories, wisdom, blessing and love upon the new mother. This would prepare her for the birth and motherhood. She would feel held, loved, understood and any fears soothed. Pregnancy massage is a way of celebrating your pregnancy with me. I am a mother and run regular women’s circles. I know the value of being seen, heard and held.

Health problems

During pregnancy, eighty per cent of your immune system and energy goes into protecting and growing your baby. This leaves you vulnerable to illness because underlying health problems can no longer be managed. This is why pre-eclampsia, fluid retention, muscle aches, pains and gestational diabetes show up. Viruses are behind most illness. Also, viruses feed off stress hormones and pregnancy hormones. Pregnancy is a window of time to get an insight into what’s going on with your health. Read about these viruses here. Pregnancy massage helps you to relax, flush viruses out of your body and help your body to heal.


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