Menstrual cycle as a map of self-care

Map of self-care

When we connect to and understand our menstrual cycle, we have a powerful map for self-care. Every woman has a metaphysical womb without a womb or cycle. Each month you have around 28 days that repeat over and over. When you tune into this, you can see patterns emerge, like a map. Goddess massage helps you to connect to and understand your menstrual cycle. Read about how Goddess massage works here.

Your self-care map

When you understand how the patterns of your state of mind, body, and spirit change each day and you listen to your daily womb messages, this helps you to take actions in line with your map to create your daily self-care. Each month you have perfect self-care package personal to you. Then you can lead more of the life that suits you. You learn to say hell “yes” and “hell “no” This means you preserve your energy for the things in life that matter to you. You have more energy for mothering, work, friends, hobbies and your life purpose.


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