Massage Therapy

I offer four styles of massage and Swedish massage is the foundation of all of them. From regular Swedish massage, and Indian head massage. To pregnancy massage, and womb healing massage.

Regular Swedish massage

In regular Swedish massage, you lie on the couch, in your underwear, covered by a blanket. Only the part I am working on is uncovered. I work on back, legs, feet, head, neck, shoulders, abdomen arms, and hands. This massage is for people who need to lay on a couch and comfortable in their underwear.

Pregnancy massage

 The massage is the same as Swedish massage except it is specifically for expectant mothers. This is for women who are past the time of their pregnancy where they need to lie on their side, on a futon on the floor, supported with cushions for comfort and safety.

Indian head massage

In this massage, you sit in a chair fully clothed and I work on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back arms, and hands. This massage is for people who need to sit upright and with their clothes on.

Womb healing massage

During this massage, you lay on a couch or sit in a chair fully clothed and I work on the lower abdomen either over clothes on the skin. I  use a combination of massage and Reiki. This massage is for women who need to heal their womb in some aspect.


£25 for 30 minutes

£40 for 60 minutes

£55 for 90 minutes

I prefer payment through paypal at

Or contact me for my bank details if you prefer to transfer the payment

If you cant make online payments then you can pay cash on arrival

What Clients Say:-

“Zoe has a lovely Space, you feel nice relaxed and safe as soon as arriving. The treatment was nice also enjoyed the womb meditation including breathing Technics. After the session felt grounded, relaxes and more balanced. Highly recommended” Adrienne, Essex

“Thank you so much for my massage yesterday Zoe. Lovely warm, calm, and relaxing environment. The best massage I have ever had – I will definitely be back. I feel amazing today, all my aches have disappeared. xxx Katie, Essex

“Zoe is very caring and attentive and I always feel better after a treatment with her.” Sarah, Essex