Massage supports pregnancy, postpartum and menopause

Zoe Woods Masseuse

Massage supports pregnancy, postpartum and menopause 

Massage heals pregnancy illness, aches and prepares for an easier birth. Massage supports postnatal recovery and breastfeeding. Massage also relieves symptoms of menopause.


Massage heals illness that occurs in pregnancy. Eighty percent of the immune system goes into protecting your baby leaving you vulnerable to illness. Illness can be the root cause of miscarriage too. Read more here. Manipulation of massage boosts lymph to unblock tissues to relieve odema (swelling) in joints. Blood flow is boosted to the baby for optimal growth. Massage relieves pregnancy aches and pains. Finally, when the womb is relaxed this allows the baby to move head down and for the womb to work at optimum for an easier birth.


Massage triggers relaxation mode to boost blood circulation to the adrenals. This supports the adrenals recovering from childbirth and to make the right hormones in the right amounts at the right time to return health, strength, and vitality back to the new mother. If the mother doesn’t recover, then postnatal exhaustion can be misdiagnosed as postnatal depression. This is why the six weeks postnatal rest is vital for adrenals to recover and why labour is called labour! Massage gently eases the womb back to her natural position as well. The womb is healed and nourished by boosted blood circulation. Finally, breastfeeding is supported by relaxation mode initiating let down reflex.


Massage to boosts the liver, lymph and blood circulation to heal the root cause of illness in the body. Read more here. Illness is more likely to show up at the same time as periods stopping because the body is likely to now giving up the fight against illness. In the case of got flushes, this is the liver running hot form being clogged up with toxins after many years. Older age leaves the body vulnerable. Vaginal dryness and hair loss is due to adrenal fatigue caused by viruses in the body. Read more here. Finally, osteoporosis is caused by years of being on the pill, low nutrition, lack of exercise and viruses that the body walls off using calcium from the bones.


Zoe Woods Masseuse

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