Massage bring menstrual cycle awareness

Massage brings menstrual cycle awareness (MCA)

Massage helps you to drop into your body to listen to your needs and boundaries. All women have a metaphysical cycle with or without a cycle, even if you are pregnant, menopausal or had a hysterectomy. So all women can chart their needs around their metaphysical cycle to balance their giving and receiving energy for happiness and health.

Awareness of needs

Massage triggers relaxation mode to slow down brainwaves. This allows your conscious awareness to move from your head into your body. There you can listen to your needs.

Charting your needs

Once you are aware of needs, you can journal them daily on to a menstrual cycle chart. I recommend you do this over at least three cycle to see the relationship between your needs a and your cycle.

Giving and receiving energies

In the cyclic/metaphysical preovulation/inner spring phase and ovulation/inner summer phase, the energy is very yang, outwards and giving. When we come round to premenstrual/inner autumn the energy is very yin, inwards and withdrawing. It is here that we will notice the “critic” who let’s us know if we have not been meeting our needs in the first half of our cycle by giving too much. She asks us to re-assess our boundaries. Read more on boundaries here. The menstrual/inner winter phase allows us space to “bleed” on what the critic has shown us. Then we can implement changes in the next cycle.


By utilising our yan (giving) and our yin (inwards) energy we can balance giving to others with meeting our own needs for health and happiness.

With love,

Zoe Woods Masseuse

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