Natures cycles support creativity and personal growth

Natures cycles

The cycle of creation is birth, death, and rebirth. It is reflected in natures cycles of:

solar cycle (seasons)

lunar cycle

menstrual cycle

life cycle

ocean wave cycles

This cycle of creation supports your creativity and your personal growth. Women embody this cycle of creation as the menstrual cycle. All women with or without a womb or cycle have an energetic cycle. Read how the menstrual cycle supports creativity here and personal growth here. In this post, we are going to focus on the lunar and solar cycle. Continue reading “Natures cycles support creativity and personal growth”

Using your menstrual cycle for personal growth

Personal growth

Old beliefs can pop up, stopping us from creating our ideas and growing into who we really are. They stunt our personal growth. This is evident when we set intentions at the beginning of our cycle.  Read more about setting intentions and creativity here. Goddess massage helps you to connect to and understand your menstrual cycle as a cycle of creation. The cycle of creation highlights these old beliefs. You can read about how Goddess massage works here. Continue reading “Using your menstrual cycle for personal growth”

Menstrual cycle as a map of self-care

Map of self-care

When we connect to and understand our menstrual cycle, we have a powerful map for self-care. Every woman has a metaphysical womb without a womb or cycle. Each month you have around 28 days that repeat over and over. When you tune into this, you can see patterns emerge, like a map. Goddess massage helps you to connect to and understand your menstrual cycle. Read about how Goddess massage works here.
Continue reading “Menstrual cycle as a map of self-care”

Boosting fertility

Your health affects your fertility

To optimise fertility, you need an optimised womb. There are several key factors to having an optimised womb to spark conception, for the egg to embed in the womb, and to sustain the pregnancy. These are:

a healthy womb

an energised womb

balanced hormones

natural womb and fallopian tubes position

being relaxed

healthy libido Continue reading “Boosting fertility”