Massage helps you to be your trueself

Massage allows you to drop into your body, and feel your needs that keep you healthy. We then can put in boundaries that ensure our health and happiness. Then we are being our trueselves. When others repsect our boundaries then we can remain true to ourselves.

Dropping into the body

Massage slows down the brainwaves from 14hz (Beta) to 8hz (Alpha) by triggering relaxation mode. The Alpha waves allow your conscious awareness to drop back into your body to feel your needs

True self

We don’t need other people but we have needs to keep us healthy and happy. When we feel our needs and why we need them, we can make decisions based on those needs called boundaries to ensure our health and happiness. When we have boundaries we are being our true selves.


When we engage with other people and they respect our boundaries then we trust them. It is safe for us to put put in boundaries to ensure our health and happiness. We can be our trueselves around them.


If people are disrespectful of our boundaries, then the relationship wont work. They need to jog on otherwise we could :-

1. Break our boundaries (blame ourselves, question ourselves, numb, or self-harm) to get our needs met


2. Break their boundaries (blame them, question them, bail out, or harm them) to get our needs met

Then this will not work. They need to jog on to make room for people in your life who respect your boundaries.

Friendship/Soul family

We love having people in our life who respect our boundaries. Because our boundaries ensure our health and happiness. We are then being our trueselves around them. The relationship works. On this basis we choose them into our lives as friends (soul family).

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