Massage balances the menstrual cycle

Massage balances the menstrual cycle

Massage heals the womb of illness like endometriosis. Massage nourishes the womb and gently eases her back to her natural position to boost fertility and regulate cycles.

Womb illness

Massage helps the body to heal from endometriosis, fibroids, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fertility problems and painful periods. The root cause of the womb illness is toxic substances like Epstein Barr Virus. You can read more about how massage helps here.

Blood circulation

Massage tips the body into rest and repair mode to boost the twenty percent blood flow and hormones back to the womb. This boosts the womb function to balance ovulation and menstruation for improved fertility and regular healthy cycles.

Natural womb position 

Relaxation mode relaxes the womb and body posture. Massage manipulation gently caresses the womb. The womb is then un-squished gently eased back into her natural position. This means the fallopian tubes are in their natural place to improve fertility and cycle regulation. At menstruation, the womb can empty properly relieving heavy periods, cramps, pain and boosting fertility as the womb lining is fresher for conception.


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