Relaxation is the essence of hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing helps your muscle to relax. The womb is one huge muscle. If the womb is relaxed, then it is going to be soft enough to let a baby pass through more comfortably.  Marie Mongan explains this in her book, Hypnobirthing.  Pregnancy massage can be used as part of your hypnobirthing programme. It tips the body into relaxation mode. This helps you to have an easier birth.

Feeling safe enough to relax

If an animal is feeling unsafe they will not give birth. When a Doe suddenly feels unsafe whilst giving birth, she will suck her fawn back up into her womb. When she feels safe and relaxed again, she will give birth comfortably. Female cats give birth in a dark, quiet place so they feel safe, relaxed and give birth easily. Humans are no different to animals. When mothers feel unsafe during childbirth, their womb will tighten causing a painful childbirth.

How to feel safe

Pregnancy massage tips your body into relaxation mode, so you get a taste of what feeling safe and relaxed feels like. From this point, you can work on the things you need to do in order to feel as close to that as you can as you are giving birth. It could be working through fears. Making sure you only have people around you that trust you to be in charge of your pregnancy and birth. It could be making sure you have a dark, quiet place to give birth without bright lights, loud sounds and smells. It could be making sure that you are comfortable and can move around when you give birth so you can tune into your body and baby.


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