Womb-healing and how it works

Womb-healing is Reiki for women

A specific Reiki treatment has been designed for women to heal their womb. To read more about how Reiki works, click here.  I lay my hands on the client’s female chakras and points on the womb area to get the life force energy flowing again. When the life force energy is flowing, the womb can return to her natural vibration and optimum function. The womb energised, switched back on and the body’s self-healing mechanism is triggered. This all works together for healthy conception, pregnancy, menopause, and menstrual cycles.


This treatment helps to heal the below problems and more. To read more about how a womb-healing supports healing, click here.

Fertility issues

Premenstrual Syndrome


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Womb-Healing Massage

This treatment is combined with an abdominal massage. It is a two-pronged approach to healing.  Massage itself triggers rest and repair mode, so the womb can heal herself by boosting the immune system to fight illness, the circulation to heal any problems and balances hormones & libido. You can read about massage here. The client lays on a couch and I perform massage and Reiki on the abdominal area. If you prefer to stay fully clothed then you could opt for just a womb-healing.


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