How a Goddess practice works


The Goddess is the cycle of life. We see this Goddess energy in the seasons, the lunar cycle, and our life cycle. Woman have a direct connection to this Goddess energy through their menstrual cycle. We can use our cycles as a daily map of self-care, for creativity, and for personal growth. All women have a metaphysical womb (that sits behind the physical womb) and cycle even if you no longer bleed or have a womb.


I ask you to either lay on a couch or be seated. I guide you to drop your awareness into your womb. You can read here how massage helps you to connect to your womb. Once connected to your womb, you are ready for the Goddess practice. Both massage and the practice are blended together to create the Goddess massage.

Goddess practice

During the Goddess practice, I guide you to listen to your womb messages. Once you hear the messages and take aligned actions, you know will know what you need to:

take care of your self.

to create the life you want.

where you have the resistance that needs healing in order to achieve your goals.

You can read more about using your cycle for care, creativity and personal growth here.


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