Honouring menopause


The menopause years

Menopause begins one year after your final menstruation. After your menstrual cycle pauses, this may leave you feeling disconnected from yourself, without an anchor. Especially if you used to chart your menstrual cycle in the maiden and motherhood years. Goddess massage supports your menopause years by helping you to chart with the moon cycle instead for self-care.

How Goddess massage supports the menopause years

The moon has four phases that mirror the menstrual cycle.

Pre-ovulation is the waxing moon

Ovulation is the full moon

The premenstrual phase is the waning moon

Menstruation is the dark moon

Therefore you still have a chart or map to write down your feelings each day. All women with or without a womb have a metaphysical womb or “womb space”.  When you tune into your womb space, you can hear your inner wisdom. By writing down on the cycle chart/map each day messages from the womb and how you feel, this will give you an insight into what you need so you can meet your needs.  This is the essence of self-care. When you are fuelled by inner wisdom and self-awareness this helps you make life choices aligned with your truth. This helps you to create the life you want.


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