Good circulation is key to recovery from illness and injury

Massage and Reiki boost your blood and lymph to repair your body

Relaxation mode activates the blood and lymph system to help repair the damage caused by illness and injuries. Massage and Reiki trigger relaxation mode. Also, Reiki vibes up the blood and lymph circulation bringing it to optimum capacity. The root cause of an illness is viruses, heavy metals, and toxins as explained here. Click on the links to read how massage and Reiki work.

The power of lymph

The immune system creates inflammation (fluid) to protect tissues in the body damaged by illness and injury. For example, inflammation can show up in the joints as gout or rheumatoid arthritis. But inflammation can get in the way of tissue repair. Massage boosts lymph and drains away excess fluid This makes space for more blood to flow in and repair. Reiki vibes up the lymph, making it faster and stronger.

The magic of blood

Blood repairs by taking away cells damaged by illness and injury to make space for new cells to grow. Then blood carries oxygen and nutrients to help the new cells to thrive. Thanks to massage and Reiki, when the nervous system is switched to relaxation mode blood flows to the whole body again. Then it can reach the damaged tissues in need of repair. Thanks to Reiki,  the blood is vibed up to do it’s job quicker and better.

Powerful pain gate

Massage pressure stimulates nerve ending in the skin and sends pleasure signal to the brain.  When the brain receives these pleasure signals this stops the pain signals reaching the brain. This is called “closing down the pain gate”. So not only does massage and Reiki help the body to repair itself, but it also helps the body to manage pain.

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