Detox to fight illness

The magic trio

The liver, lymph, and kidneys work together to detox the body of viruses and heavy metals. Viruses and heavy metals are the root cause of illness such as poor circulation, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism and more. You can read more about the root cause of illness here

The liver

Massage and Reiki tip the body into relaxation mode so the liver works properly to filter viruses, virus by-products, heavy metals, and toxins into the lymph. Also, adrenaline levels are reduced, so the liver isn’t scorched by adrenaline anymore to further boost the liver function. Finally, Reiki energises the liver further boosting it.

The lymph

The pressure of massage directly helps to push the lymph around the body. This helps to pump and drain viruses, virus by-products, heavy metals, and toxins into the kidneys. Because the liver is working properly again, this takes the pressure off the lymph and boosts lymph’s power.


In relaxation mode, the kidneys are boosted and Reiki energises the kidneys too. Therefore the kidneys can do their job of expelling viruses and toxin out of the body in urine. A reduction in viruses and virus by-products relieves symptoms of illness. Less heavy metals and adrenaline starves viruses, weakening their grip on the body. Lastly, less heavy metals, poisons, and toxins restore the electrical signal function of the brain and nervous system.

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