Closing the bones massage

The treatment explained

This treatment is a blend of Swedish massage and closing the bones practice. The mother lies on a futon on the floor supported by pillows with/without her baby. The Swedish massage is performed on the abdomen and followed by closing the bones. You can read about how this treatment can support you in the postnatal period and in later years here.


In pregnancy, the growing baby puts great pressure on the abdominal and pelvic organs.  Plus the mother’s pelvis opens up at childbirth. So something is needed to realign organs and pelvic bones. After the abdominal massage, I use a cloth to rock her lower body side to side. I finish by wrapping her lower body in the cloth. This gently re-aligns the organs and pelvic bones. Closing the bones massage is ideal if you have given birth recently or years ago, especially if you suffer hip or back problems.


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