Closing the bones and postnatal self-care

Postnatal self-care is vitally important

Closing the bones massage helps support you with your postnatal self-care. This massage re-aligns your lower back and pelvis improving digestion and preventing hip and back problems in the future. It helps your body recover from childbirth and prevent depression. Also, it boosts your health and well-being to heal any postnatal problems like a bladder infection and hair loss.

Closing the bones

During pregnancy great pressure is put upon the abdominal and pelvic organs to make room for the baby. Also, the mother’s pelvis opens during birth. Closing the bones massage gently realigns the organs and closes the pelvic bones. This helps the organs to return to normal function. So digestion, hormone circulation and blood circulation are improved. Increased blood flow means quicker postnatal recovery.  Also, hips and lower back problems are prevented in the future. You can read about closing the bones massage here.

Adrenal fatigue, not depression

The adrenals are maxed out during childbirth where they pump adrenaline for the strength to give birth. So the adrenals naturally suffer mild fatigue. If the mother doesn’t realise this and doesn’t rest, the adrenals take longer to recover. This means for a longer period of time, the adrenals don’t make the right hormones, in the right amounts at the right times giving rise to postnatal exhaustion. This is misdiagnosed as depression.  Regular closing the bones massages will tip the body into rest and repair mode, helping the adrenals to recover. As well as the mother taking rest for forty days and nights. The sooner the adrenals recover, the sooner vibrancy, vitality and joy that the new mother needs will be here for her to take into motherhood.

Postnatal health problems

During pregnancy, eighty per cent of your immune system and energy was directed into your growing baby. This leaves you vulnerable to underlying health problems that the immune system can no longer manage. So if you didn’t have any health problems show up in pregnancy, then you may have some show up now. Such a bladder infection, constipation, depression, and hair loss. Viruses are behind most illness. You can read about these viruses here. Viruses feed off adrenaline, so the adrenaline used for birth maybe what triggers your illness. Or if you had an illness, then maybe it will go into full force at the current stage. Or step up to the next stage. See the postnatal period as a window into your health and well-being. Closing the bones massage will help flush viruses out of your system and help you recover.


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