An Awesome Menopause

You can have an awesome menopause

For thousands of years, women have moved into menopause with no problems, even honoured this process. But at the turn of the 20th Century, a new strain of virus was born. You can read about this virus here. Women born at this time started getting health problems around the 1940’s-50’s. This was around the same time as their menopause began. This baffled doctors and they blamed it upon menopause. Hormone replacement therapy worked initially as they suppress symptoms. But they are steroids. This dissolves bone and tissues making you more vulnerable to illness. Massage and Reiki can help you to flush viruses out of your body and recover from illness. You can enjoy becoming a wise woman.

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Mother blessing and pregnancy self-care

Pregnancy massage is a mother blessing and self-care

A mother blessing is a space created to help you to feel seen, heard and held to prepare you emotionally for birth. Pregnancy massage does just this. Also, it is fantastic for boosting your health. It helps to heal pre-eclampsia, fluid retention, muscle aches, pains and gestational diabetes that can flare up during pregnancy.

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Closing the bones and postnatal self-care

Postnatal self-care is vitally important

Closing the bones massage helps support you with your postnatal self-care. This massage re-aligns your lower back and pelvis improving digestion and preventing hip and back problems in the future. It helps your body recover from childbirth and prevent depression. Also, it boosts your health and well-being to heal any postnatal problems like a bladder infection and hair loss.

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Relaxation is the essence of hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing helps your muscle to relax. The womb is one huge muscle. If the womb is relaxed, then it is going to be soft enough to let a baby pass through more comfortably.  Marie Mongan explains this in her book, Hypnobirthing.  Pregnancy massage can be used as part of your hypnobirthing programme. It tips the body into relaxation mode. This helps you to have an easier birth.
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