Goddess massage

Goddess massage

Goddess Massage is a blend of Swedish massage and a Goddess practice. The massage helps you to relax your body and mind. This makes it easier to drop your awareness into your womb space. All women have a metaphysical womb space, with or without a womb or cycle.  After the massage I guide you through the Goddess practice to help you to connect to your womb space. Once you are connected to your womb, you can begin to use your menstrual cycle during the maiden years and the moon cycle during menopause years as a map for self-care. Continue reading “Goddess massage”

Swedish massage

How Swedish massage works to heal the body, womb, support womanhood stages of maidenhood, motherhood, and menopause.

Swedish massage is actually instinctive for example when we bang our toe, we rub it better.  Massage treatments are just an extension of this. The definition of Massage is “The manipulation of soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes” It is one of the earliest therapies discovered. I use Swedish massage movements in all my treatments listed below.

Swedish massage

Indian head massage


Womb-healing massage

Goddess massage

Pregnancy massage

Closing the bones massage

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How Reiki works to heal the body and womb. 

Reiki is the natural movement of “life-force energy” Everything is made up of life-force energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies. Injury and illness disrupt the natural vibration of the body. So by laying my hands on the damaged area, I get the life force energy moving again (like how electricity flows from positive to negative in a battery and back).  When the energy is flowing again, then the damaged area’s frequency returns to its natural vibration and optimum function. Continue reading “Reiki”