Boosting fertility

Your health affects your fertility

To optimise fertility, you need an optimised womb. There are several key factors to having an optimised womb to spark conception, for the egg to embed in the womb, and to sustain the pregnancy. These are:

a healthy womb

an energised womb

balanced hormones

natural womb and fallopian tubes position

being relaxed

healthy libido Continue reading “Boosting fertility”

PMS stands for “Problem Message Sent”

PMS sends you messages about your health problems

During the premenstrual phase, eighty percent of the immune system and the body’s energy goes to the menstrual cycle.  This is so the possible fertilised egg has the energy to grow and to be protected from illness. Therefore you are left vulnerable because your immune system can not manage your health problems it normally keeps at bay. Also, your energy is low so your tolerance level drops and can leave you feeling emotional. Premenstrual Phase is a messenger look at your symptoms that show up. Continue reading “PMS stands for “Problem Message Sent””

Healing polycystic ovarian syndrome

The root cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome

Virus’s burrow into the ovaries. The immune system tries to block virus growth by creating cysts. But, the virus continues to grow and live inside the cysts. The inflamed cysts are PCOS. The viruses can cause serious damage such as pain, inflammation, scarring, and adhesions (tissues sticking together). This can result in cramps, fertility issues, heavy bleeding and irregular cycles. Womb-healing massage helps to flush out viruses and help the womb to recover and heal. Continue reading “Healing polycystic ovarian syndrome”