Cosmetic healing

Massage and Reiki step in where the body can’t

Your body has the ability to heal itself of illness and injury. However, the body cannot heal scar tissue, wear and tear, posture or facial lines. Massage and Reiki can step in and soften scar tissue on the skin and soft tissues. It can slow down the wear and tear of joints.  Make us aware of how our posture is contributing to our well-being. Also, make our skin smooth and glowing. Continue reading “Cosmetic healing”

Good circulation is key to recovery from illness and injury

Massage and Reiki boost your blood and lymph to repair your body

Relaxation mode activates the blood and lymph system to help repair the damage caused by illness and injuries. Massage and Reiki trigger relaxation mode. Also, Reiki vibes up the blood and lymph circulation bringing it to optimum capacity. The root cause of illness is viruses, heavy metals, and toxins as explained here. You can read how massage and Reiki work here.

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Root causes of illness

The truth behind illness

Illnesses such as weight gain, psoriasis, constipation, joint pain, depression, fibromyalgia are caused by Epstein Barr virus (EBV), heavy metals, and toxins. Massage and Reiki support the:

Immune system to fight EBV – read more here

Liver, lymph, and kidneys to expel EBV, heavy metals and toxins from the body – read more here

Blood and lymph system to heal the carnage caused by EBV and it’s cofactors -read more here.

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Strong immune system to fight illness

Immune system

In order to fight illness, you need a strong immune system. It is your first line of defence against viruses in the body. When were are stressed, the immune system is lowered, therefore viruses take over our body, making us ill. Massage and Reiki tip the body into relaxation mode, boosting the immune system to fight viruses so the body can heal.

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