Boosting fertility

Womb-healing massage can boost your fertility

Womb-healing massage can boost your fertility by healing the womb of illness (like fibroids), boosting your libido, regulating your cycles, and energising your womb. Womb-healing massage compliments In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)


Womb-healing boosts the immune system, detox system, blood circulation and raises the vibration of the womb to heal illness like endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and fibroids. These illnesses can impair ovulation needed for conception. It can impair menstruation needed to empty the womb to provide fresh womb lining for the egg to embed. Viruses are the root cause of illness.


Adrenal fatigue causes the libido to shut down and causes vaginal dryness. Reduced libido and vaginal dryness protect the mother from getting pregnant. This is because adrenaline gives her the strength to give birth and she would not have this to give birth safety. Womb-healing heals adrenal fatigue, boosting sexual desire, more comfortable sex and better delivery of the sperm to the egg. Therefore improving the chances of getting pregnant.

Regular cycles

Womb-healing massage slows down brain waves and boosts blood and hormone circulation to the womb. Slower brainwaves mean the brain is tipped into the resting state. This brings you into her and now making you more aware of your cyclic needs. Having more rest on your period helps your womb to work at optimum. The womb has its metabolic wastes taken away and receives nourishment from the blood circulation for optimum function. Plus the womb receives the right hormones in the right amounts at the right times to further boost function. A womb-healing massage gently eases the womb back into her natural position and breaks down scar tissue to free up the womb and fallopian tubes so she can work properly. A womb-healing raises the womb vibration to further support her work well. When the womb is working at her best then this helps to regulate and boost ovulation needed for healthy conception. Also, it boosts and regulates menstruation to ensure the womb empties properly to provide a healthy lining for the egg to implant.

Energised womb

A womb needs to be energised to have the energy for optimum ovulation, menstruation, spark conception and to hold a growing baby in pregnancy. A womb-healing plus your awareness of your womb both energises your womb.


Charting your cycle will help you find your fertile window for successful conception. Being aware of your period means you can schedule downtime giving your womb space and energy she needs to do her job of emptying out well to provide fresh healthy lining for the egg to embed. Cloth pads/mooncups are toxin free. Toxin feed viruses which are the root cause of womb illness. Womb illness can greatly impair fertility. Finally, womb steams nourish the womb helping to regulate cycles needed for healthy fertility.  You can read more on self-care here.


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