Boosting fertility

Your health affects your fertility

To optimise fertility, you need an optimised womb. There are several key factors to having an optimised womb to spark conception, for the egg to embed in the womb, and to sustain the pregnancy. These are:

a healthy womb

an energised womb

balanced hormones

natural womb and fallopian tubes position

being relaxed

healthy libido

Healthy womb

If you have endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome or fibroids, then this could affect your fertility. Viruses are the root cause of these problems. Read more about this here. Womb-healing massage can help your womb to flush out viruses and heal your womb. This will make your womb a healthy place for conception and pregnancy. Read how a womb-healing helps here.

Energised womb

When we are emotionally disconnected from our womb this can cause the womb to “switch off”. When the womb is switched off, there is no energy in the womb. The womb needs the energy to spark conception and to sustain the pregnancy. Like how air feeds a fire. Womb-healing massage helps to energise the womb.

Flowing hormones

Coming off the pill is one of the main reasons for hormones not flowing in the right amounts at the right times. This is because your body has stopped producing hormones whilst on the pill. Hormones are needed for ovulation. So it may take time for the hormones to regulate again. Problems like endometriosis can affect fertility too. Womb-healing massage can help boost your hormones and to heal problems like endometriosis.

Natural womb position

When the womb isn’t in her natural position then it can difficult for her to empty when she bleeds. This can cause old stagnant blood to be stuck in the womb. A fertilised egg needs a fresh and healthy lining to embed and grow. Also when the womb and fallopian tubes are in their natural positions, ovulation and hormones regulate which boosts fertility. Womb-healing massage gently breaks down adhesions repairing pelvic tissues and gently re-align the pelvic organs boosting fertility.


When we are stressed, we are in fight and flight mode. During this time, blood flow is shut off from the womb. The womb only receives a twenty per cent blood flow anyway. So it is vital the blood flow is optimal. When it is not optimal, then the womb doesn’t receive the right hormones in the right amounts to regulate ovulation. Also, the womb doesn’t receive nourishment and have her wastes taken away impairing function. With ovulation affected and impaired function, this decreases the chances of conception and healthy pregnancy. Womb-healing massage tips the body into relaxation mode, counteracting stress and boosting fertility.

Healthy libido

Viruses and stress cause adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are exhausted they don’t produce the right amounts of adrenaline. Then when adrenaline is low this means the body knows there will not be enough adrenaline to give birth. So the adrenals shut down. This means the libido shuts down and vaginal dryness occurs. This is to protect the mother from trying to get pregnant. Because there is not enough body strength to give birth. Interestingly this does not affect men because they do not need to give birth. So adrenal fatigue doesn’t affect men’s libido. Womb-healing massage flushes viruses from the body and tips the body into relaxation mode helping to heal adrenal fatigue and therefore boost fertility.


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