An Awesome Menopause

You can have an awesome menopause

For thousands of years, women have moved into menopause with no problems, even honoured this process. But at the turn of the 20th Century, a new strain of virus was born. You can read about this virus here. Women born at this time started getting health problems around the 1940’s-50’s. This was around the same time as their menopause began. This baffled doctors and they blamed it upon menopause. Hormone replacement therapy worked initially as they suppress symptoms. But they are steroids. This dissolves bone and tissues making you more vulnerable to illness. Massage and Reiki can help you to flush viruses out of your body and recover from illness. You can enjoy becoming a wise woman.

Menopause is natural and necessary

During her childbearing years, eighty per cent of a woman’s immune system and energy go into her bleed time every month. Forty per cent goes into ovulation each month. Each pregnancy takes eighty per cent of her energy and immune system. Also, oestrogen and progesterone are steroids and dissolve bone and tissue in the body. Each month and each pregnancy, the body is left vulnerable to illness and put under huge strain.  Whilst the body is being slowly dissolved by hormones. Menopause is a welcomed relief when the hormones stop being produced! So from then on, bones and tissues stopped being dissolved and the immune system and energy can function back to one hundred per cent. This is to protect the ageing, more vulnerable body from illness.

What health problems really are

If you have health problems show up around menopause, then you may have been battling underlying illness for a while. Now your body is tiring from the fight. It is a coincidence and not causation. Menopause is a window into your health and well-being. Most health problems are caused by viruses. The most common health problems such as hot flushes are caused by an exhausted liver running hot due to being clogged up with viruses. Vaginal dryness is caused by adrenal fatigue which is caused by viruses. Osteoporosis is caused by the immune system using calcium from the bones to wall off viruses in the body. Years of poor nutrition and lack of exercise contribute to osteoporosis. This is why breast cancer common around this time as calcium is used to trap viruses as they move from the liver to the thyroid. The chest calcium nodes are breast cancer.

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