About Zoe Woods

About Zoe Woods

I am empathetic, trustworthy, authentic and compassionate

I make people feel safe and relaxed

I have a natural ability to sense the root cause of a person’s illness and pain.

I have over twenty years experience in Massage therapy and it has become one of my life’s passions.


Certificate in Medicine Woman Training (2018)

Certificate in Indian Head Massage (2016)

Womb Healing certificate (2015)

Reiki Level II (2014)

ITEC Certificate in Massage (2000)

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What clients say

Kez Osbourne

‘I really needed some time out to connect with myself and booked a Goddess Massage session with Zoe. The massage was thorough, soothing and perfect pressure.  Zoe worked through a backache. She then moved into womb connection. My womb message was “I am proud of you”. We then moved into charting my cycle. This gave me a better understanding if my natural rhythms and wisdom so I could continue to practice the wisdom and messages of “womb wisdom”.A great experience and I felt reconnected with a part of my femininity that I had not tuned into for a while. I felt welcomed, safe, nurtured and nourished and connected to my body. If life is getting busy and stressful, then I would second Zoe for this nurturing treatment. I had a great nights sleep and woke up with a spring in my step..’


Clare Merrison
‘As part of a new push to take better care of myself, I wanted to have a Goddess Massage. I was going through a particularly difficult time. I was hoping the massage might give me much needed rest and time to focus on myself. And I wasn’t disappointed. Zoe listened carefully to what was going on for me and responded to my specific needs. I felt calm in her presence and felt wonderfully at ease during the massage. She was gentle and sensitive during the massage and I enjoyed it deeply. I was fascinated by the womb meditation and Zoe expertly guided me through it. I felt truly opened up by the experience and inspired to continue learning about the process. Including the introduction to cycle charting which she explained clearly and concisely. By the time I left I felt I had been truly listened to and valued, it was just what I needed, I was positively energized. I would strongly recommend treatment with Zoe and I’m still feeling the positive effects of her work.