Do you need to relax, unwind, heal, feel connected, grounded, listened to, feel good, and feel at peace?

If so then this space is for you

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I offer massage therapy at my home in Braintree, Essex

Swedish massage

Indian head massage

Pregnancy massage

Womb healing massage

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Massage tips the body into rest and repair mode. This relaxes muscle tension, relieves pain, helps the body to heal, and brings feelings of inner peace

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Red Tent

I hold Red tent in the tipi in my garden in Braintree in Essex. This is a safe space for women to gather. To come home to themselves, to share their stories and feel held in sisterhood

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We use talking circles, essential oils, massage, singing, music, movement, dance, yoga, and creativity to become present, own what is going on for us, and realize everyone has the same wounds. We also have a MeWE group to keep in touch between circles.

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I have a blog where I have pots and videos about Mental health, Massage Tutorials, and all about The Red Tent


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