Massage is the best thing to heal your body, heal your womb, support the stages of womanhood and use your menstrual cycle for self-care, creativity and, personal growth.


Heal your body from:

Stress, illness, injury, poor digestion, low energy levels, muscle aches/tension/pain, bad memory/focus, high blood pressure, poor skin/hair/nails health, and depression/anxiety

Heal your womb from:

Endometriosis, fibroids, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and fertility issues

Support yourself through:

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and menopause

Tune into your womb to:

 Connect to and understand your menstrual cycle. All women have a metaphysical womb space with or without a womb or cycle. Being aware of how you change during & with each cycle and listening to your womb messages is key to creating your personal map of self-care, personal growth, and creativity.

Zoe Woods Masseuse

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Red Tent & Butterfly Tent

Braintree & Dunmow Red Tent and Butterfly Tent are safe spaces for women and girls to connect to themselves and each other. We hold Red Tent on a Sunday for women. We hold Butterfly Tent on a Tuesday for girls aged 6-16. Contact me if this vibes with you or your daughter.

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Singer-songwriter and artist

I have composed thirteen simple folk songs about peace, love, healing, and joy. The album will be out soon. Prints of my artwork will be available soon.

What clients say

The Sacred Womb with Melanie Swan

‘Zoe is one in a million.

Her ability to create a compassionate, safe and relaxing space is so welcome and much needed.

Her soft, sparkly nature has me opening up straight away and I feel a deep trust when I’m with her. I drop into my body and speak without a filter and feel genuinely accepted. She provides a space where I know I can be me.

This is a rare and natural gift and I encourage anyone thinking of working with Zoe to just book and trust.

She’s a genuine Medicine Woman.’

Mel Carmen Clara Cockett

‘Had an amazing Goddess massage with the lovely Zoe and omg it was amazing!

The massage was relaxing, calming and soothing.  It really helped to get me in the zone.

The atmosphere was fantastic and so comforting! The womb practice was the first time I understood what it meant to connect with my womb and it was such an awakening experience!

It’s almost impossible to explain without experiencing it for yourself!

Zoe taught me how to track my cycle.

This was something I had wanted to start so it was really helpful to have someone show me how to put it into practice and share their wisdom with me, she carefully listened to me when I mentioned specific things I wanted to track and she guided me on how to incorporate it into my cycle chart.

I’ve found that by having the Goddess massage I’m already starting to feel love for something that had long been the source of resentment every month, and I’m actually excited for what the future brings where I don’t dread that “time of the month” and embrace it instead.

Zoe is such a genuinely kind and trustworthy soul and I loved my time with her and felt I was in safe hands throughout the experience.

Thank you, Zoe, for what you do and the care you give whilst doing your work xxx’